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Abstract Light

This project evolved out of a few projects in a color photography class.  The first dabble in abstract photos was for a project in response to the film "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly".  Inspried by the blurry images in the beginning of the movie I found various abstract images when inspecting the things around me.  In the night photography assignment I continued down the abstract them and stumbled across the idea to photograph flashlights.  The results of this is part luck and part mastering a new technique.  These images are the result of this project.

  • DSC_2544
  • DSC_2556
  • DSC_2560
  • DSC_2576
  • DSC_2595
  • DSC_2601
  • DSC_2607
  • DSC_2609
  • DSC_2637
  • DSC_2897
  • DSC_2917
  • DSC_2923
  • DSC_3042
  • DSC_3195
  • DSC_3266